Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two hidden freebies at menards

Megan at Daily Essentials has a scoop on many free Items at Menards.
These include
1. Total Tools for Kids art -- FREE after $2.50 rebate -- limit 4
2. Rubbing or Polishing Compound -- FREE after $1.50 rebate -- limit 2
3. Handy Driver 7 pc. -- FREE after $2.00 rebate -- limit 4
4. Alley Cat Food -- FREE after $3.00 rebate -- limit 2

The total tools are wonderful for kids and handy driver will make a great gift as well. But thats not all. Yesterday when I went to Menards to get the freebies, I noticed two more Free after rebate Items
1. Hallmark Gift bags - FREE After 0.75 rebate-- limit 4
2. Tattoo and Coloring Books-FREE After 0.99 rebate-- limit 10

These were at the Naperville Menard in south Chicago. The coloring book make a great addition to the goodie bags for my son's birthday.

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